6mo Mission

I have 6 months to take full advantage of not having a job.  To make sure I stay on track, here’s my list of goals, or 6 months bucket list.

  • Explore the downtowns of Tacoma and Seattle by myself
  • Begin- and stay with- a workout regime
  • Explore various islands you can only get to by ferry
    I have tickets for a boat tour/ride to Bloedel Reserve
  • Get paid for photography
  • Get photography or art shown in a gallery
  • Finish writing my existing short stories
  • Begin to write a novel
  • Try to get my children’s story published
  • Study for the GRE and Biology GRE
  • Study and CLEP for Statistics
  • Write my paper and send it to a scientific journal
  • Volunteer with a park or other related sciencey and outdoors place
  • Sing karaoke
  • Continue to learn to sew and make my own clothes
  • Cook dinner at least once a week
  • Figure out my priorities for life

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